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  • B&H Workers Went On Strike – Lift Up Their Voices

    Yesterday, over 200 workers from B&H Photo Video’s warehouses went on a day-long strike, in conjunction with “Un Día Sin Inmigrantes” strikes happening around the country. And now they are asking for your support.

    Standing with hundreds of supporters outside B&Hs retail store, B&H worker Francisco Pimental spoke:

    “We are here today to let B&H know that we, the workers, have the power. We will not allow B&H to leave over 300 workers without a job.”

    The company is trying to close its Brooklyn warehouses and move those jobs 75 miles to New Jersey—which we see as an attempt to stop the grassroots worker organizing that has resulted in real improvements at B&H.

    Workers took enormous risks yesterday to go on strike and speak out against B&H’s union-busting tactics.

    Will you stand with them today and amplify their call for respect and dignity?


  • Over 200 B&H Photo Workers Strike on May 1

    Press contact: Rosanna Rodríguez, co-director Laundry Workers Center

    New York, NY—Over 200 workers from B&H Photo Video’s Brooklyn and Manhattan warehouses have gone on a day-long strike, in conjunction with “un día sin inmigrantes” strikes happening around the country.

    Hundreds of workers and supporters picketed outside B&H Photo’s retail store in Manhattan this morning. A delegation of workers and community members delivered a letter to B&H management, demanding that the company “respect and acknowledge that WE, 300+ B&H warehouse workers and our wives and children, who have been without us, dedicated our lives to building up your operations… for decades.”

    B&H Photo workers reportedly worked under extremely dangerous conditions in the warehouses. They decided to fight back, trained with Laundry Workers Center for over a year, and in 2015 voted overwhelmingly to form a union.

    This year, B&H announced plans to close its Brooklyn warehouses and move almost 330 jobs 75 miles away to New Jersey, making it nearly impossible to for the predominantly Latino workforce to keep their jobs.

    “We are here today to let B&H know that we, the workers, have the power. We will not allow B&H to leave over 300 workers without a job,” said warehouse worker Francisco Pimental.

    “We see this an attempt to bust their union and stop the grassroots worker organizing that has resulted in concrete improvements at B&H”, said Rosanna Rodríguez, co-director of Laundry Workers Center.

    B&H workers also saw the strike as part of a larger struggle against injustice, as hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers participate in a general strike, or “Day Without An Immigrant”, on May 1.

    In an earlier statement, warehouse worker Rigoberto Gallos wrote, “Our communities have come together to stand against the Muslim ban, against ICE, against the violence on communities of color and the working class, that has been going on for a very long time.”

    “This is a call to keep fighting for dignity and justice. Today, we are in solidarity with all workers around the world.” said Rosanna Rodríguez, co-director of Laundry Workers Center.

    Workers vowed to keep up the struggle. “We are striking for dignity and respect, and we will fight to the end,” said warehouse worker Jorge Lora.

  • Media Advisory: Hundreds of B&H Workers to Strike on May 1

    CONTACT: Laundry Workers Center: [email protected]

    WHO: B&H Photo warehouse workers, Laundry Workers Center, and community/labor groups including Immigrant Worker Justice, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, New York Work Center Federation, Food Chain Workers Alliance, and Democratic Socialists of America NYC.

    WHAT: On May 1, “Un día sin inmigrantes”, hundreds of B&H Photo workers will go on strike, fighting B&H Photo’s union-busting attempt to move 330 union jobs to New Jersey. Gathering outside B&H’s retail store, B&H workers will be joined by allies from the community and workers’ movement. #May1Strike

    WHEN: 9:30am on Monday, May 1, 2016

    WHERE: In front of B&H Photo retail store: 34th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan.

    WHY: B&H Photo workers faced unconscionable and unsafe working conditions in Brooklyn and Manhattan warehouses. They organized for over a year, fought and won a union against overwhelming odds. Now B&H Photo threatens to move 330 union jobs 75 miles away to New Jersey. We believe this is an attempt to bust the union, and stop the grassroots worker organizing that has resulted in concrete improvements at B&H Photo.

    B&H Photo workers are striking in solidarity with hundreds of thousands withholding their labor around the country, fighting for a world where the most marginalized working families live with dignity, safety, and power. #May1Strike

  • No More Scams! Justice for Job Seekers Bill Passes NYS Senate and Assembly

    Great news–on the last day of the NYS legislative session the Justice for JobSeekers bill passed the Senate 44-17 and the Assembly 109-15! Once signed by Governor Cuomo, it will provide fair and meaningful protections to low wage immigrant workers as they look for work throughout the state of New York.

  • Press Release: Maurilio Basurto Ortega

    Photo by Robert Pluma

    My name is Maurilio Basurto Ortega. I was born in Guerrero, Mexico – I came to this country to work and support my family. I came about nine years ago. I’ve worked at B&H for almost 9 years. I identify as a worker and a fighter because I am always fighting to live and working hard to get my family ahead. I am 23 years old.

    I worked as a packer for the merchandize on the conveyor belt. I packed different kinds of products: cameras, printers, televisions and speakers.

    I worked inside the warehouse 6 days a week, Mostly 10 – 12 hours a day. On April 19th, 2016 I get fired because the company said that I moved a box that was later found broken.

    But in reality, I know that they fired me because we won a union election.

    After the community fight back I get back to work again at B&H. The most important for my co-workers and me is have a better workplace, win a contract and stop the abuses and the discrimination.

  • Press Release: Ricardo Ramirez

    My name is Ricardo Ramirez. I was born in Guerrero, Mexico. I came to this country 32 years ago. I’ve worked at B&H for almost 9 months.

    I identify myself as a fighter and hard working man that support my family. I worked in the receiving department at B&H Photo and Video Warehouse. I worked around 12-14 hours per day before we organized. I was fired on May 6th because I was on medical leave after I got an injury inside the workplace. But the reality, I know the fired me because I was part of the organizing process and the company is looking for an excuse fire all my co-workers.

    With the support of the community the company restarted the workers’ compensation.

  • Liberato Workers Victorious

    Detail of workers and families showing their settlements

    When we organize, we win! After leading a two year fight against wage theft, sexual harassment, and unsafe working conditions, Liberato Restaurant workers have officially won, reaching a settlement and making positive change in the workplace! On Monday they received their first settlement checks.

    Read further about the amazing victory here.

  • "Titlanice" Means We Will Win

    After organizing underground for months and the campaign launch last month, our members at New Capitol Restaurant in the Bronx have won their first victory—they are now paid minimum wage and overtime, with a reduced work schedule, correct safety measures, proper equipment, and more!

  • Workers At Bronx Restaurant Join Grassroots Movement For Respect, Dignity

    Spanish and English: 
    Rosanna Rodriguez, co-director, Laundry Workers Center, [email protected]

    Bronx, NY–Today, workers at New Capitol Restaurant in the Bronx went public with their campaign to end wage theft, verbal and physical abuse, and dangerous conditions in their workplace.

    Surrounded by a crowd of 100 community supporters, New Capitol worker Teofilo Ríos delivered a letter to restaurant management demanding an end to unfair and unsafe conditions.

  • After Union Election, B&H Photo Illegally Fires 7 Employees

    Press statement from Laundry Workers Center

    On Tuesday Feb. 23—the same day as the powerful union win by B&H Photo’s Manhattan warehouse workers—the company illegally fired an entire department of cleaning staff.

    These 7 workers had requested meetings with B&H Photo human resources, demanding respect and an end to hostile treatment and scare tactics. They expressed their interest in the benefits of a union but were not a part of the group that petitioned for and won the Feb. 23 election.

    It is illegal and wrong for B&H Photo to retaliate against these workers. Collective action is protected by U.S. law.

    We stand united with hundreds of B&H warehouse workers, the Photo/Video Alliance, the United Steelworkers, and the New York labor community, demanding that B&H Photo Video immediately rehire the #BH7.

    Press Contacts:
    Rosanna Rodriguez, Laundry Workers Center, [email protected]
    Mahoma López, Laundry Workers Center, [email protected]