Kenny Bakery

A demonstration in front of Kenny Bakery

Moraima Ortiz worked at Kenny Bakery for eight years, enduring wage theft, verbal and physical harassment, and discrimination. Eventually, she stood up to her boss, demanding respect and an end to the abuse, wage theft, and discrimination. And she was fired for it.

Moraima joined Laundry Workers Center and begin training in LWC’s Leadership Institute, learning about her rights as a worker and a member of the community.

Over the next 13 months, Moraima fought tirelessly, with Laundry Workers Center and community members at her side. In the face of employer threats and police intimidation, she picketed, flyered, marched, and bravely shared her story through forums and speak-outs.

Finally, Moraima Ortiz and Kenny Bakery reached a positive settlement. But Moraima didn’t need this to know she had changed her life for the better. Her transformation into a community leader and advocate for immigrant and women’s rights was a victory for our movement long before the picketing stopped.

Our member, Moraima Ortiz, has inspired other women to speak out about their working conditions. To this day she continues to lead by educating other women about their rights.

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