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Since 2011, immigrant workers in New York and New Jersey have organized with Laundry Workers Center (LWC), to raising their own voices and leading their struggle.  Our first campaign began with just a few workers. LWC has now partnered with hundreds of workers who have won their fight against wage theft, unsafe working conditions, discrimination, racism, and sexual harassment at the workplace.

Join LWC in building worker power and organizing strength by giving today. Your support is critical to continuing the struggle for justice in our workplaces and communities!

You can make a one-time contribution, or become an LWC monthly sustainer. As a sustainer, you give us stability and the funds needed to build worker-led, militant organizing for the long term.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Laundry Workers Center is a 501(c)3, which means your generous donation is tax deductible.

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Contributions are tax deductible.