Take a Selfie for Worker Justice!


-Please distribute widely-

To #OPTIC2017 attendees and the larger community of photographers, videographers, musicians, and industry partners:

As a purchaser of photo/video/audio equipment or computers, you have a real chance to make a difference in the fight for respect and safety at B&H Photo.

Right now, B&H is putting on the #OPTIC2017 photo conference. It’s an important opportunity for concerned customers and community members to engage with the company.

-The story so far-
B&H Photo is known for its customer service, but behind the scenes, the picture is very different. B&H warehouse workers faced horrific safety conditions over many years—until workers stood up for themselves and their families. They organized for respect and safety on the job for over a year, winning real improvements and even their own union.

As you may know, B&H Photo is now trying to move these workers’ jobs–over 330 jobs–75 miles away to New Jersey. We believe B&H Photo is running away from the very workers who fought to make B&H safe, and trying to bust their union.

-Good news-
B&H workers’ campaign to keep these jobs in New York is gaining traction. And with the growing support from the community of photographers, videographers, artists, academics, stagehands, musicians and thousands more like yourself, workers have a real shot at winning!

-Take action-
Whether you spend $10 or $10,000 a year, on photo/video/audio equipment or computers, you have an important platform to support workers fighting for respect and safety on the job.


On Wednesday, June 7 from 11:00am to 1:00pm EST, we call on conference attendees, B&H Photo customers, photo/video professionals, the community, and labor movement to go on Twitter and Instagram. 

Post a selfie or a photo of your gear and tell B&H to RESPECT WORKER RIGHTS and keep the jobs in New York!

-Sample Tweets-
I spend $_____/year on photog gear. Telling #BHphoto, respect worker rights & keep jobs in NY! #OPTIC2017 #BHexposed

No to #BHphoto union-busting, YES to worker rights and NY jobs! #OPTIC2017 #BHexposed

At #OPTIC2017. Tweet your support for #BHphoto workers… YES to respect & safety, NO to union-busting! #bhexposed https://laundryworkerscenter.org/2017/06/optic/

#BHphoto: failing on worker rights: https://indypendent.org/2017/06/bh-warehouse-workers-fight-to-save-their-union/ #BHExposed #OPTIC2017

Used to be a proud #BHphoto customer, but no more. B&H, respect worker rights & keep warehouse jobs in NY! #OPTIC2017 #bhexposed

Your support makes a difference. Thank you!