Mondi Group

Mondi Group Campaign

On October 22, 2020, 18 workers from Mondi Group launched a campaign to improve the working conditions in the workplace. When Covid-19 hit New Jersey, a group of Mondi Group raised their health and safety concerns to the company. Nonetheless, management was more preoccupied with making profits than with the safety of the employees. As a result of the indifference of the administration, two employees died from Covid-19. The employees continued raising their concerns, and the company retaliated by firing 18 employees at the beginning of the summer, 2020. The employees decided that organizing is the best tool to bring fundamental changes in the workplace and our communities. For three months, the workers participated in the Laundry Workers Center Leadership Institute, where they learned basic and complex skills to address those issues that affect low-wage workers in New Jersey. 

Mondi Campaign Demonstration

The workers conducted direct actions against the company and educated other workers facing similar conditions in the workplace. Workers also received international support from the union CNT and the Confederación Internacional del Trabajo. In June 2020, the workers won the campaign and arrived at a resolution with the multi-national company, Mondi Group. The workers won an economic agreement, and thanks to their efforts, the company improved the health and safety standards. The settlement between the workers and the company is one of the most significant settlements of a workers' campaign in New Jersey in the last 20 years. The victory was the result of the leadership of the workers and the broader national and international support the campaign gathered.