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    Cover of the Report


    When: July 21st @ 12:00 PM EST

    Where: 35 Cleveland St, Orange, NJ 07050

    What: Despite being deemed essential during the COVID-19 crisis, laundry workers in New Jersey remain largely invisible, unprotected from violations of their basic human and labor rights, and excluded from pandemic economic relief. During the fall 2020, the Laundry Workers Center started surveying workers at the retail laundromat industry across New Jersey.

  • Emergency Response Fund to Covid-19

    Though designated as essential workers, many of our members have been denied essential state and federal aid. No paid sick leave, no healthcare, no personal protective equipment, and no relief packages.

  • Covid-19 Guia De Recursos E Información Para Inmigrantes Hispanohablantes En Nueva York

    Esta guía de recursos es para personas indocumentadas en la Ciudad de Nueva York. La guia le da prioridad a recursos y enlaces en español.

  • Women, Immigrant Workers Fired

    What: A Call for a Peaceful Demonstration to Stop Retaliation in the Laundromat Industry

    When: Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

    Time: 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM

    Where: 7719 5th Ave, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

    NEW YORK, JUNE 20TH – After a year of the Laundry Workers Center launching an extensive report about the working condition of local laundromats, workers continue facing a range of challenges from wage theft, to retaliation for denouncing physical abuse, or any other type of violations. On February 16th, 2019, Maria and Ricarda Mosso, two retail laundromat workers at Sunshine T-shirt Laundry Center, spoke publicly about the wage theft and physical abuse they suffered at the hand of the owners, Huanxin and Sharon Chen.

  • Cleaning the Violations


    CONTACT: Rosanna Rodríguez, 347-440-3665, [email protected]

    What: Cleaning the Violations: Launch of Labor Campaign in Brooklyn.

    Where: Sunshine Shirt Laundry Center Inc

    NEW YORK, February 19th– Laundromat workers in New York City face daily fundamental human and labor violations in their workplaces. As a fragmented and often isolated workforce, laundromat workers face unique vulnerabilities and challenges when it comes to organizing or advocating for their rights. Those violations come in different forms from sexual harassment to paying below minimum wage or not paying overtime hours.

  • New Report Shows Widespread Hazards, Low Pay, Abuses Facing New York's Laundromat Wokers

    CONTACT: Rosanna Rodríguez, [email protected]

    What: Launch of new report on hazards, low pay, harassment facing NYC laundromat workers

    When: Tuesday, June 26th, 11 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.

    Where: Worker Institute at Cornell University, ILR School Conference Center, 6th Floor, 16 E. 34th St.

    NEW YORK, JUNE 20 – An extensive new report by the Laundry Workers Center will be issued this Thursday, June 26th, exposing the poor working conditions, low pay and frequent abuses facing workers in New York City’s coin-operated laundromats. Based on three years of participatory research at hundreds of laundromats throughout the city, the report, “Workplace Issues and Socio-Economic Conditions of Laundromat Workers in New York City” sheds light on the violations and hazards that laundromat workers confront in the hot, cramped and often dangerous workplaces where much of the city’s vast quantities of dirty laundry are washed and dried.


    CONTACT: Rosanna Rodríguez, 347-440-3665, [email protected]

    What: Launch of labor campaign at a retail laundromat in Harlem, NY.

    When: Thursday, June 28th, 5:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

    Where: Jefferson Park, Harlem (2180 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10029)

    NEW YORK, JUNE 26th – While our clean clothes tumble at high heat, laundromat workers are being hung out to dry. As a fragmented and often isolated workforce, laundromat workers face unique vulnerabilities and challenges when it comes to organizing or advocating for their rights. This Thursday, June 28th, workers at a retail laundromat are planning to go public with their labor campaign surrounded by community supporters and the Laundry Workers Center. The employees will deliver to the owner a demand letter to end wage theft and dangerous conditions in their workplace. Mr. Benitez, a laundromat worker and a leader in the community highlights the unbearable conditions at the workplace:

  • Report on Working Conditions in the Retail Laundromat Industry

    Laundry Workers Center partnered with the Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center to investigate the workplace challenges faced by retail laundromat workers. Together, we developed and conducted a participatory research project, combining observations at retail laundromats with worker surveys and interviews to document these workers’ experiences in a too often overlooked industry.

  • Take a Selfie for Worker Justice!


    -Please distribute widely-

    To #OPTIC2017 attendees and the larger community of photographers, videographers, musicians, and industry partners:

    As a purchaser of photo/video/audio equipment or computers, you have a real chance to make a difference in the fight for respect and safety at B&H Photo.

    Right now, B&H is putting on the #OPTIC2017 photo conference. It’s an important opportunity for concerned customers and community members to engage with the company.

    -The story so far-
    B&H Photo is known for its customer service, but behind the scenes, the picture is very different. B&H warehouse workers faced horrific safety conditions over many years—until workers stood up for themselves and their families. They organized for respect and safety on the job for over a year, winning real improvements and even their own union.

    As you may know, B&H Photo is now trying to move these workers’ jobs–over 330 jobs–75 miles away to New Jersey. We believe B&H Photo is running away from the very workers who fought to make B&H safe, and trying to bust their union.

    -Good news-
    B&H workers’ campaign to keep these jobs in New York is gaining traction. And with the growing support from the community of photographers, videographers, artists, academics, stagehands, musicians and thousands more like yourself, workers have a real shot at winning!

    -Take action-
    Whether you spend $10 or $10,000 a year, on photo/video/audio equipment or computers, you have an important platform to support workers fighting for respect and safety on the job.