Responding to Coronavirus

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From NYC.ORG website page:

COVID-19, RSV and flu are spreading in NYC during the winter season. The Commissioner’s Advisory on Prevention strongly recommends everyone to wear masks in all indoor public settings to reduce the spread of these viruses.

People who get COVID-19 can protect others and reduce the risk of serious illness, hospitalization and death by following these steps to get necessary treatment.

  1. Get tested as soon as you have COVID-19 symptoms, five days after being exposed to someone with COVID-19 (or sooner if you develop symptoms).
  2. Isolate right away if you have symptoms or test positive. Go home and separate from others. Isolation guide
  3. Even if you do not have symptoms, rest. Take your temperature regularly and be alert to changes in symptoms. If you have a medical emergency, such as trouble breathing, call 911 or go to a hospital.

What to do if you have COVID?

General Vaccine Information:

Vaccines reduce the risk of infection and are very effective at preventing severe COVID-19 illness, hospitalization and death. Vaccines are available at no cost to you and regardless of immigration status.

Community Meals

From NYC Department of Education web page:

During the COVID-19 public health crisis, New York City is taking steps to make sure every New Yorker has access to the food they need. Visit NYC Human Resources Administration website food assistance webpage


Every home in the U.S. can order four free sets of at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests from the federal government. There are no shipping costs and you don’t need to enter a credit card number.

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