Emergency Response Fund to Covid-19

Though designated as essential workers, many of our members have been denied essential state and federal aid. No paid sick leave, no healthcare, no personal protective equipment, and no relief packages.

Every day when these workers show up to work at laundromats, restaurants, and warehouses, they must face the risk of life or death infection.

Laundromat workers are at an especially high risk, handling bags of soiled clothing without proper protection in continually overcrowded workplaces. Now, our members are reporting that they and their coworkers are getting sick.

But we can help prevent this. We can limit the spread of coronavirus in the most vulnerable communities by raising emergency relief funds.

The LWC Emergency Response Fund is providing direct relief to the workers who need it most. With your donation, you will be providing necessities such as food and medicine for our members who must work.

We are raising $25,000 in direct relief funds for our members.
Your gift will make a direct and immediate impact to our members.