Our Programs

LWC is rooted in the principles that every person has the right to a safe, equitable workplace, and that social change is built from the bottom up; directly affected communities must lead their own solutions. Our 3 core programs serve to directly combat exploitation by training and activating workers to organize for small and large-scale reform:

  1. Workplace Justice Campaigns provide the tools and education to low-wage workers in the laundry and restaurant industries to build better, sustainable jobs and community leaders.
  2. Research and Policy helps to engage communities on policies that have large socio economic impacts such as civil rights, immigration reform and dignity in the workplace. 
  3. The Progressive Block Leadership Institute is a member training that provides innovative educational training to low-income community members on leadership development, social media, and grassroots, civics and community organizing.

The Progressive Bloc Leadership Institute is open to any low-wage worker who is committed to improving their workplace through collective organizing. Emerging leaders develop skills in leadership, labor rights, civic engagement and community organizing. To graduate the Institute, leaders must utilize their training to launch their own workplace or community campaign.