B&H Photo Warehouse Workers in Midtown Manhattan Vote 46-14 to Join United Steelworkers

Press contacts, Spanish and English:
Mahoma Lopez, Laundry Workers Center, [email protected]
Rosanna Rodriguez, Laundry Workers Center, [email protected]

Workers in the basement warehouse below B&H Photo Video’s retail store in midtown Manhattan voted overwhelmingly today to join the United Steelworkers in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.

After months of training with the grassroots labor group Laundry Workers Center, workers took their campaign public on January 31, 2016, demanding an end to discriminatory, abusive and dangerous workplace conditions.

“Today, I am free. Not just me, but all my compañeros. We never thought we could realize our dreams, but now with the union it’s possible. ” said B&H Photo worker Zenaido Rosendo.

B&H Photo warehouse workers in Manhattan say they were inspired by the example of B&H warehouse workers in Brooklyn, who overwhelmingly voted to join United Steelworkers on November 4, 2015 after facing dangerous safety conditions, rampant discrimination, and an anti-union campaign including daily threats, harassment, and intimidation in the workplace.

“After this victory, what is coming is respect, fair treatment for all workers, and a decent salary.” said B&H Photo worker Benicio Najera.

“The B&H workers represent the mission of Laundry Workers Center in that they have to lead their own struggle. And when we organize, we win.” said Laundry Workers Center co-director Rosanna Rodriguez.

“We want to be an example for all the workers here in New York City. We want to encourage workers to look for support in the community. They can come out from the shadows because they are not alone.” said Rosendo.